Intensive Holistic Training Program

OFWs do not have it easy when trying to survive to a new living environment away from family & friends and even adding the challenges of their work. Most state that they felt they were not ready when they started out which led to different kinds of problems (e.g. physical sickness, depression, financial difficulty) which made them forget about the main reason why they even became an OFW.


The intensive holistic training aims to make the trainees be ready physically, aware culturally, equipped mentally, and inspired spiritually before they even start their job in Japan. The 2-month program will enlighten them of what to expect on their new endeavor in Japan and how to deal with it in a right mindset. SHiN Japanese Language and Training Center believes that Filipinos are capable of achieving great things during their stay in Japan when they move forward in their maximum capacity and prepared selves.


A. Japanese Language Classes

This 350-hour intensive Japanese language course will equip trainees with basic Japanese knowledge that will help them comprehend situations about topics that are usually encountered in their daily life. The course will also enable trainees to read and understand usual everyday expressions and sentences in hiragana, katakana and some kanji. Courses are taught by instructors with high level of Japanese (JLPT N1 level) with years of living experience in Japan. Aside from grammar courses, actual Japanese language usage can be shared by the instructors during the lessons.

B. Japanese Cultural Training

In order to help trainees to easily cope with the new culture they will be facing in, SHIN develops a curriculum that will allow every student to be highly aware of the working and daily living environment in Japan. Learning and loving Japanese culture are very essential in learning the language because that will enable them not only to communicate verbally but in other aspects needed to relay their messages to who they will be communicating.

C. Regular Physical Routines

Being physically active helps in keeping focus in your daily life in whatever situation you might be. This is why SHiN makes sure to incorporate regular physical routines in the trainings to help trainees maintain their fit and healthy condition.

D. Financial Management Talks

Financial management and awareness are also part of the two-month program wherein the trainees are given guidelines and tips on how to manage their earnings while in Japan. Business opportunities and ideas are also shared to the students for long-term goal setting.

E. Team Building

Trainees from SHiN are encouraged to create a family/community not just for the two-months training. Team buildings enable them to get to know each other deeper and strengthen relationships with the people who can be their core support when they are already in Japan.

On-site support in Japan

Our Japan Manpower cooperative partner provides end to end support to the trainees while they are in Japan. From hiring, deployment, contract renewal, end of contract and other aspects that are relevant and necessary during the trainees’ period of stay in Japan. This ensures that the concerns of the trainees are addressed promptly and appropriately.


SHiN also assists in monitoring remotely by checking and following-up on the trainees even after they are in Japan.