Project SHieN is currently accepting funding through The Spark Project and you can help us by providing financial support and by referring your family and friends to also support the project. Also, you can receive coupons to get a chance to take FREE Japanese lessons in our facility.

Here’s how it works:

Step 1

Check out our crowdfunding campaign through The Spark Project to know more about Project SHieN and the funding options available.

Step 2

Fund the project (an email from The Spark Project will be provided to you for payment details, etc.)

Step 3

Once funding is confirmed, you will be receiving another email — this time, from us — with your unique Backer ID that you will use to register your account in our website. (Home — Sign-up) At the Sign-up page, please input your unique Backer ID to start creating an account. An account through our website is needed to avail of the opportunity to receive free Japanese lessons.

Step 4

At the registration, a Referral ID is needed to successfully create an account. The Referral ID is the unique Backer ID of the person who introduced you Project SHieN. Please make sure to input the correct details.

Step 5

Account creation complete! Your personal account through SHiN will include feature the following:


  1. Weekly updates about the status of Project SHieN

  2. A dashboard that will show your Referral Status through Backer Stars*

  3. Your Coupon** Update

*Backer Stars are the points you receive from referring Project SHieN to anyone! You will receive one (1) Backer Star to every successful referral made who also funded Project SHieN. Also, you can receive Half-A-Backer Star (0.5) from all the referrals made by your friend/family. So, please make sure to inform your referred family/friend to use your unique Backer ID when making an account.


**You can receive a special Coupon Code for every three (3) Backer Stars obtained. This coupon code can be exchanged into one Japanese language sessions for free as a reward for your support to Project SHieN. More Coupon Codes means more Japanese language sessions and you can be on your way into improving your Japanese!

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